About Us

Strange times


Natural Ingredients = Good Coffee

Firstly, we both love good coffee. Some of our favourite memories are of queuing for (and sipping on) ‘the best coffee in London’, or roasting local Indonesian beans in a frying pan to see how it would taste. We also love quality, natural ingredients full of stuff our bodies love. We knew we had to do something that we care about, and our cold brew blends ticked all the boxes.

Coffee collage Chrintan coffee travels 2

Grandmothers know best

Secondly, we wanted to connect our two backgrounds. My wife’s Ninik (grandmother - there she is in the pic!) makes a health shot concoction every day from fresh turmeric, ginger, and other amazing ingredients which she says keeps her energetic and witty. I believe it. We created Derw’s recipes to bring these fantastic flavours and health benefits to you, in a unique and delicious way. Cold brew coffee has less acid and a deep yet subtle flavour, so it is ideal for what we are trying to achieve.


 Land Of My Father

Thirdly, I wanted to contribute to Wales in a way that would have made my father proud, with a business that promotes an ethical and healthy lifestyle. He enjoyed building people up, supporting individuals and communities, and making people happy. He was a great lover of trees and oak was his favourite, and so we named our coffee Derw, which means ‘oak’ in Welsh. We know that he would be proud of us.