A 105-year old Granny and her recipe

We recently went to visit our 105-year-old Granny, and she regaled us with tales of sipping on a "Gin and It" in the 1930s. What is this strange cocktail? We had never heard of 'it'! We discovered that it contains sweet Vermouth (which hails from Italy originally), hence the name.

Naturally, we had to experiment with our cold brew coffee liqueur to see if we could create a coffee liqueur cocktail, and indeed we were pleasantly surprised! It turns out the result of adding our coffee liqueur to this cocktail is a delight, and it's also very easy to make. 

Check out our Granny giving it a taste. Verdict: "Delicious darling!"



How to make the 'Granny's and It' cold brew coffee liqueur cocktail:

25ml Derw Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

25ml Sweet Vermouth

25ml quality gin

1 green olive


Pour each ingredient into a martini glass and stir with a spoon. Drop in a green olive (don't worry about shaking off all the brine - the slight saltiness adds a great dimension to the flavour).

Sip while imagining enjoying this tipple 80 years ago!

Grannys gin and it gin coffee liqueur cocktail