Maple Clove Espresso Martini

Maple Clove Christmas Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe


We are really getting into the festive spirit with this Christmas espresso martini cocktail. If espresso martinis weren't already good enough, this festive cocktail takes it to the next level. It's soooooo tasty my goodness oh yes! The clove provides an intense but not overpowering spice, and the maple syrup binds it all together nicely. Will you give it a go??

How to make the Maple Clove Christmas Espresso Martini:

👌 50ml Derw Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
👌 25ml espresso shot or very strong coffee
👌 10ml maple syrup
👌 9 whole cloves
👌 4 ice cubes

1. Put 6 whole cloves in a cocktail shaker or jam jar.
2. Pour on the hot espresso/strong coffee.
3. Swirl for 15 seconds or so.
4. Add the maple syrup, then ice and Derw Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.
5. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds.
6. Strain through a sieve into a martini glass.
7. Once the foam on top is quite thick, place 3 whole cloves on top.

Clink your glasses and enjoy in whatever festive way you see fit!